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How to install:


Copy the '.bin' file OR File folder  directly to the empty USB stick, ensuring not to place it inside a folder. It should appear as below:
Step 2
Insert the USB into the port labelled 'USB1' on your TV.
Step 3.
Turn the TV off using the master power switch (on the right hand side of the TV if you are facing the screen).
Step 4.
While the TV is turned off, repeatedly press the 'VOL +' button on the remote and turn the TV back on using the master power switch.
Step 5.
Continue pressing the 'Vol +' button on the remote until a blue screen appears and the firmware begins installing.

Step 6.

The initial blue screen will say 'Search USB Storage' and then be followed by 'Upgrade Software Do Not Turn Off'. A progress bar will then appear under the text.
Step 7.
Once this is completed, the TV will power itself off and on again.
If you encounter any issues after the firmware update has been completed, please try performing a factory reset and then attempt to use the TV again.